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Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

We create strategic alliances to provide solutions from simple upgrades to complete global infrastructure replacement. We listen carefully to each client's unique requirements, provide a consultative approach to develop the right solution to meet objectives, and deliver results based on proven methods. When possible we favor saving money over using new bleeding edge solutions. This reduces costs while providing a reliable and supportable product. Using expert partners we deliver best-in-class technical solutions and support.

Elliptical Mobile Solutions Elliptical Mobile Solutions
Private Cloud Leasing will rent to you the Micro-Modular Data Centers (MMDC) from Elliptical Mobile Solutions. These systems provide critical power protection, onboard cooling, security and fire suppression, to desired specification. These types of modular data centers are commonly used by large companies. Now, all companies of any size can buy, lease or rent the same type of modular data center from Private Cloud Leasing.
Power solutions MaxPower Corporation
MaxPower Corporation offer the highest quality of power protection and critical infrastructure solutions, including Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS), power distribution, and modular air conditioning for IT and server room applications. With our premium products, you'll also experience maximum ease-of-business as a result of exceptional product availability, unparalleled customer service, extremely attractive pricing discounts, and customized sales and marketing support to help grow your business.
Silicon Mechanics Silicon Mechanics
Silicon Mechanics is a leading manufacturer of rack mount servers, storage, and high-performance computing clusters with one of the most comprehensive product offerings available. We collaborate with customers to create best-fit solutions at competitive prices. Silicon Mechanics products are supported by the best warranty offerings available, and are backed by a team of Sales and Service Engineers dedicated to service and solutions excellence.
Anue Systems Anue Systems – Data Link Monitoring
The Anue 5204 Net Tool OptimizerTM network monitoring switch is an entry-level, cost effective solution for copper networks that predominantly require 1G visibility for network monitoring tools. It is ideal in the lower speed portions of the network, such as the access layers, or where a large number of 1G monitoring tools need access to network traffic. The 5204 aggregates, replicates and filters network traffic using the industry's most advanced, easy to use, drag-and-drop.
Network Instruments Network Instruments – Application Performance Analysis and Forensics
We include Network Instruments GigaStor and Observer analysis tools in our module private cloud leasing package. This allows any or all network traffic to be captures. The GigaStor hardware remains safely under your control, locked in your private modular data center.
MRV Optical Communications Systems MRV – Data Link Multiplexing
We will connect your existing data center to our Leased modular private cloud data center using just one dual strand of optical fiber pair. The MRV Fiber Driver™ offers a simplified way to carry multiple 10 Gigabit data a links on one fiber using wave division multiplexing (WDM) to provide high bandwidth transfers between your customers and the modular data center, tucked away, maybe far away, from the main complex.
Total Cable Solutions Total Cable Solutions - Our choice for the best quality cables at great prices
Total Cable Solutions TCS specializes in off the shelf and custom length network connectivity products including: fiber patch cords, pre-terminated multi-fiber trunk cables, CAT5e and CAT6 patch cables. They also provide 10Gb data rate SFP+ modules, LC cables and other accessories.
Network Hardware Resellers Network Hardware - New and used networking equipment and Dell servers
Everything for the Data Center – from bleeding-edge 10GE & virtualization network infrastructure to legacy equipment & maintenance options – NHR can provide new, used, and refurbished hardware for Cisco & Dell equipment.
Cisco Cisco - Redundant Layer 2/3 with stacked Cisco 3750E switches
Deploy secure converged applications while maximizing investment protection for your evolving network and application requirements. The Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series with StackWise Plus are enterprise-class stackable wiring closet switches.
These switches provide 10/100/1000 configurations with uplinks upgradable from 1 Gb Ethernet to multiple 10 Gb Ethernet trunks.